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Women trailblazers


Women Trailblazers is designed to help women push the boundaries of what they think they can achieve.

It helps you to create your own path to success; to learn what highly successful people male and female are doing to achieve their success and to understand how to navigate some of the challenges for women, in sustaining success. It encourages an understanding of differences in order to better achieve your own definition of personal and professional success.

How does it work?

Women Trailblazers is a flexible programme. 

It can be delivered as a 1:1 coaching programme, as a set of modules with peer coaching or as conference sound bites. It is highly interactive and intended to take you on a journey towards achieving your definition of success. It’s ideal for female entrepreneurs; female experts and specialists, women taking on new professional challenges and women wanting to turn ideas into powerful action.

The Women Trailblazers programme helps you to:

  • Create your own definition of personal and professional success
  • Discover your own authentic voice and style
  • Manage your time and productivity to achieve your goals
  • Build your support network
  • Balance your emotional intelligence for self esteem and confidence
  • Build personal resilience
  • Manage stress
  • Harness your personal power
  • Get heard: communicate your message

 Revewing your talent pipeline or diversity provision?

Women Trailblazers can be integrated into talent management practices, helping organisations to develop a diverse talent pipeline. It can also form part of a wider diversity initiative as an inspiring programme for women who might be in a minority in the organisation.


Tranistioning into more senior roles?  See aslo Women as Leaders