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Talent and Performance Management


Talented high performers outperform their colleagues and make a significantly greater contribution to the success of your business.

Your talent is a crucial source of competitive advantage. It makes sense to develop, engage and retain the talent you’ve already got in your business and find ways to recruit new talent in. 

How can 2thrive help?

I work with you to implement effective talent management solutions that deliver real value.

By assessing the readiness of your organisation for talent management, and understanding your business strategy, the culture of your organisation and your vision, I help you to design talent and performance solutions that are 'fit for purpose' and support that strategy. 

Too many talent and performance management practices are combersome, over complex and inefficient. With a focus on the 'paperwork', they disengage managers and demotivate employees. Talent and performance management practices MUST add value.



Talent management

I help you to implement talent management solutions that deliver real, tangible business benefits and engage your people. This can include:

  • Identifying the readiness of your organisation for talent management
  • Defining what talent you need now and in the future
  • Identifying strategies for developing and retaining your most talented people
  • Building your talent pipeline
  • Developing your top talent and future proofing your business by planning for succession

Through short workshops, I help develop the capability of your leaders, managers and HR community to “talk talent”.


Performance management

At 2thrive, the focus is on performance management as a strategic tool that helps organisations:

  • Translate strategy to action through effective goal setting
  • Deliver enhanced organisational and individual performance by developing an effective feedback culture
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Differentiate performance
  • Enable each employee to fulfill their potential
  • Ensure good quality conversations

I work with you from the initial design stage through to implementation and the ongoing education of leaders and managers in all aspects of managing performance.