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Women as Leaders

There are a lot of misconceptions on what makes a leader successful. As an experienced Executive Coach and leadership faciltiator and with a Doctorate in Executive talent, success and derailment, I've found the outcomes of highly successful organisational leadership are the same, whether the leader is male or female.

 SUCCESSFUL leaders:

  • Provide a clear vision and strategy
  • Engage people in the vision, inspiring action
  • Create value through the results they achieve
  • Build strong enduring relationships
  • Drive successful strategic change
  • Have high emotional intelligence
  • Are role models
  • Look beyond their own organisation to provide industry and sector thought leadership

More importantly, successful leaders who sustain their success create their own path and make career and life choices aligned to their values. They are congruent, authentic and highly resilient. The challenges for men and women in achieving this kind of success can however, look very different as can the reasons why women stall, plateau or derail in their career paths. 

Coaching and development

My work with Women as Leaders is designed to help women achieve sustained leadership success. I help women to clarify their definition of success, set personal and professional goals, take action and navigate obstacles, including their own sometimes self-sabotaging behaviors. I also help break down some of the myths about women as leaders which can limit beliefs, enabling a focus on those things that really make a difference to successful leadership.

I work with top female talent; high potential emerging female leaders; senior female experts or specialists taking on an increasingly visble strategic leadership role and female entrepreneurs leading an SME of scale, helping women to:

  • Define what success means to you personally and professionally
  • Clarify goals and actions
  • Develop your own authentic leadership style that feels congruent with who you are
  • Build a powerful 'mastermind' group and support network
  • Engage others in your vision
  • Understand and mitigate your derailers
  • Deliver value and results through performance leadership
  • Build your Emotional Intelligence; crucial to leadership success
  • Develop your personal impact, influence and ability to get your message heard
  • Develop your personal resilience and 'bouncebackability'
  • Understand crucial gender differences and their impact
  • Feel more empowered by replacing work/life balance thinking with work/life choices



Programme Delivery

I work with Women as Leaders either through 1:1 coaching or through workshops designed to address the challenges facing emerging or established top female leadership talent. The use of leadership, personality and emotional intelligence psychometrics provide an opportunity to raise self awareness, recognise strengths and identify potential 'derailers' so that these can be addressed.

Developing your female talent pipeline

My work with Women as Leaders can be  fully integrated into talent management practices, helping organisations to develop a diverse talent pipeline of high potential female leaders.