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ChangeThe Change Series

Make Change Happen

Change is a fact of organisational life. 

To be successful an organisation needs to be able to keep pace with (or ahead of) customer requirements, market trends, technology, industry trends and process improvements. It needs to be able to react and respond to changes in the political, economic and social climate. 

It needs to find better, more efficient and effective ways of doing what it does. 

This all needs some kind of change to happen in the organisation, whether it’s big transformational change or continuous, step by step change.  Whatever the change, its people that make the change happen. 

Depending on people’s values, beliefs, attitudes and preferences, for some change brings variety, excitement and new opportunity.  For others it brings uncertainty, ambiguity and instability. 

Depending on how much change is going on in your organisation, people can get “change fatigue”.  Even the most change resilient can stop embracing it with quite so much enthusiasm.  Others can simply dig in their heels or switch off.

Whatever the scale of the change - whether there’s big change going on or lots of small changes - people can take their eye off the ball.  Performance can drop.  Learning curves aren’t factored in.  Productivity and motivation takes a hit.  Decisions get put on hold - especially when there are changes to the leadership or management team.

To create a sustainable, successful organisation that organisation needs people at ALL levels who can:

  • predict what changes might need to happen
  • decide what needs to change and why 
  • lead the change
  • make the change happen
  • be resilient and embrace change

"The Change Series" is a suite of programmes designed to help all levels of the organisation Make Change Happen.  Here’s a bit about each programme.  Remember though, as with all the programmes you see on here; the one that gets delivered will be tailored to you, your context, your challenges, your organisation. 

Building a change resilient organisation 

This is aimed at Boards and strategic leaders preparing an organisation for change it teaches you about:

  • how to recognise characteristics of change resilient people and organisations
  • how your organisations culture helps or hinders change and what to do about it
  • creating a compelling future state
  • creating a growth mind set across the organisation
  • harnessing creativity and innovation
  • developing a learning culture
  • role modelling top down; empowering bottom up.

Change Resilient Leadership

This is aimed at leaders their role in making change happen and:

  • your own attitudes and beliefs about change and their impact on success
  • the core personal skills you need to effectively lead through change
  • developing your personal resilience
  • thinking strategically
  • creating clarity through ambiguity and complexity
  • successful change as a stepping stone for personal, team and organisational growth.

Leading Change 

This is aimed at leaders and deals with the practicalities of leading change, specifically:

  • designing change programmes
  • effectively prioritising change initiatives
  • empowering people at all levels to make change happen
  • preventing change initiatives getting derailed
  • getting people onboard

Managing Change

This is aimed at managers Implementing change initiatives and is about:

  • the practical implications of change
  • balancing implementation with “business as usual”
  • the impact of change on performance
  • the differences in managing top down and bottom up change
  • engaging people and teams in change

Achieving Success Through Change

This is for anyone at any level - it’s also good for teams and deals with:

  • what change means for me
  • how attitudes and beliefs impact my response to change
  • the impact of change on my performance
  • developing resilience through change
  • using change as a catalyst for personal growth
  • how to achieve results when the goal posts have moved

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