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Self leadership

Leading SelfFor emerging leaders, organisations looking to strengthen leadership at ALL levels of their organisation and professionals wanting to develop their core leadership competencies.

As a pre-requisite to leading others, successful leaders must be able to 'lead themselves'. They need to not only have the skills, knowledge and capability to be able to deliver results for the organisation; they need to develop a leadership mindset and the personal effectiveness, resilience, competencies and emotional intelligence crucial to leadership success.

If you don’t know where you’re going; can’t hold it together and can’t find a way to achieve what you want to achieve – how can you lead others anywhere?

Ignite the Leader Within

The 2thrive “Ignite the leader within” programme is aimed at developing emerging leaders who are not yet in leadership roles; developing leadership capability at all levels of the organisation and helping those new into your talent pipeline to develop their core professional and leadership competencies.

The programme builds the foundations for successful leadership by focussing on: mindset, behaviours, emotional intelligence, personal performance, productivity, resilience and ownership and accountability. It also helps develop the core competencies of change resilience, strategic thinking, communication, decision making, problem solving and collaboration. Participants can put what they learn straight into practice, accelerating their leadership potential. 


For conferences and away days


Self-leadership is a powerful topic for conferences and away days empowering and engaging your employees to 'ignite the leader within' or engaging current leaders who want to build their confidence and capability as a leader by doing the 'inner work'.