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Management Essentials

To be successful organisations not only need great leaders, they need effective managers capable of managing the, often complex, requirements of the organisation.

Organisations need...

...managers who can engage people, manage performance, resources, processes, assets and costs, enabling the organisation to consistently deliver their products and services. Managers who can translate a vision, strategy and change into day to day tangible actions people can commit to.

2thrive offers tailored management development to equip your managers with essential skills.

Development can be delivered through a modular approach, through individual workshops or shorter sound bites of learning as part of management away days. Management development is a crucial part of a talent strategy. For a complete management development solution 360 feedback can be used to develop self awareness and identify individual strengths and weaknesses for High Potential managers.

Development works best when managers bring their challenges to the sessions for group problem solving and learning. Action and personal development planning ensures learning is transferred back into the workplace and aligned to talent development strategies.