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Leading People and Teams

Leading people

As a leader, being able to engage, inspire, empower and influence others is fundamental to achieving results in any organisation.

One of the key reasons leaders stall, plateau or derail is a failure to build good interpersonal relationships and to get things done through others. Leadership isn't a solo sport!

2thrive creates bespoke programmes to help leaders develop their capability to lead people effectively and to:

  • Build collaboration and trust
  • Inspire and engage others
  • Build relationships using emotional intelligence
  • Develop behavioural flexibility
  • Delegate effectively
  • Transition people through change
  • Influence with integrity
  • Lead remotely

For a complete development solution 360 feedback provides leaders with an increased awareness of how their leadership is seen by others.

Building high performance teams

High performing teams make a significant contribution to the achievement of an organisations' goals. Is your team making that contribution?

High performining teams attract talented individuals, are self-sustaining and deliver better results. They are also great places to work! Teams are a fact of organisational life – leadership teams, management teams, functional teams, remote teams, project teams, virtual teams. It makes sense for an organisation to ensure these teams are not just functioning effectively; but achieving their collective potential.  

Development is tailored to the needs of the team – whether that’s a new team needing to quickly get off the ground or an established team that needs a boost.  It might be that you want to concentrate on: 

  • Leading remote teams
  • Clarity, focus and goal setting
  • Understanding and eliminating behaviours that are hindering team performance
  • Maximising team dynamics
  • Building trust and handling conflict
  • Retaining high performance in times of change
  • Understanding differences and maximising the benefits of diversity

Building a more cohesive leadership team

A leadership team needs to be aligned, visionary, strategic, ethical, focussed, efficient, effective, decisive and a role model for the organisation. In effect, it needs to be an exemplar to the organisation of a high performing team.
2thrive provides a customised solution for leadership teams seeking to be more cohesive. Typically this will involve first meeting with the leadership team individually and collectively. A development solution may then include:
  • Facilitated vision and strategy sessions
  • Team coaching to address key challenges
  • Individual coaching
  • Leadership team diagnostics which often include the emotional intelligence team diagnostic to understand the teams collective emotional intelligence; strengths and areas of weakness. See here for more details.
  • Facilitated action planning sessions
  • Shadowing to identify team and individual blind spots

Contact 2thrive for a confidential conversation on the challenges facing your leadership team.