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Leadership Resilience

Resilience is becoming a key issue for Executives and the organisations they serve


In a turbulent economy, with increasingly complex stakeholders, continuous change, highly competitive markets, more sophisticated consumers and more knowledgeable employees, the spotlight is on leaders to manage expectations and deliver results.

Alongside this, Executives need to be able to address challenges, deal with setbacks and manage conflict - remaining a role model and an effective representative of the organisation.

Crucial to the success of Executives in today’s climate is resilience.  Without it, Executives can burnout, derail or begin to demonstrate dysfunctional behaviours driven by stress.

I offer keynote speaking sessions, master classes and individual coaching on building Leadership Resilience and Executive Team Resilience.

Typically the focus is on:

  • Strategies and actions for building resilience
  • Focus, clarity and reconnecting with purpose
  • Resilience through ethics, values and “doing the right thing”
  • Building change resilience and change resilient organisations
  • Understanding stress triggers
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Getting your balance back

Sessions are tailored to the specific challenges faced by your Executive team.