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Entrepreneurs and Ambitious SME's


Helping your organisation to thrive

Entrepreneurs have a natural passion for their business, product or service.

That natural passion doesn’t always translate into a passion or skill for leading people. As your business grows that lack of leadership capability can have a big impact on organisational performance and capacity for growth. Micro managing, trying to be involved in everything, disempowering people by not delegating, not stepping back to address organisational strategy and structure, can all create bottle necks in your business that stifle growth. 

At 2thrive I work with entrepreneurs and leaders in SME’s to:

  • Get clear on your vision, values and strategy
  • Develop leadership capability
  • Build a talented management team around you
  • Address people, team and performance challenges
  • Achieve results through others

Building a high performance culture

Talent and performance management isn’t just for the big organisations.

In SME’s it’s crucial to have the right people working for you – talented, high performers that help you grow your business. Underperformance or not having the right people on board can have a significant impact on the success of your business. 

I work with you to implement talent and performance management practices that don’t overwhelm your business with complicated processes, instead they focus on making sure that you can effectively manage performance and engage your most talented people.

You can read more about my talent and performance management solutions here, or better still, just call and talk through your challenges.

Partnering with Private Equity backed businesses

2thrive can partner with your Private Equity backed company to support the business throughout aquisition, turnaround, growth, exit and sustainability phases, helping to create:

  • A cohesive leadership team
  • Vision, clarity and focus for people within the business
  • A high performance culture to achieve accelerated results
  • A culture of sustained high performance
  • A talent strategy for succession 

Not sure what the problem is?

It's not always clear to leaders what's causing dis-engagement, underperformance or lack of cohesion. Sometimes you're part of the problem! 2thrive projects typically start with conversations with leaders, managers and staff to get to the heart of the issues. Recommendations can then be made which are typically a combination of changes you can make internally and activities 2thrive can support you with.  Call me on 07879559046.