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Getting Back on Track Coaching Programme

Sometimes it might take you a little longer to pick yourself up; sometimes you’re not quite sure what the learning is and sometimes the fall is a little greater which impacts confidence, self-esteem and resilience. 

Relight the Fire

The "Relight the Fire" coaching program helps you to:

  • get to the root cause of reduced performance and quickly re-establish high performance - the longer you wait the harder it gets; the bigger the impact it has
  • focus on building a compelling future that gets you out of the past and re-energised
  • learn from the experience, let go and move on
  • work with your strengths and mitigate weaknesses
  • understand your “derailers” - the things that sabotage your success so you don’t keep repeating them
  • make better decisions and choices
  • take action and implement new strategies
  • eliminate limiting beliefs and recover balance, motivation, self-esteem and confidence 

"Relight the Fire"
is a great programme for under-performing teams too.