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Engaging Others Coaching Programme

The ability to build good relationships and engage others is at the heart of leadership success.

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The "Engaging Others" Coaching Programme

One of the biggest causes of leadership derailment is the inability to get things done through others. Leadership is not a solo sport. The "Engaging Others" coaching programme is about achieving results through others by being able to: 

  • Inspire others to want to follow you
  • Influence others, often without direct authority
  • Communicate and collaborate across all levels
  • Manage key stakeholders
  • Handle conflict with grace
  • Nurture talent and build great teams
  • Address people challenges

The idea of a leader as a lone hero or heroine is outdated and doesn’t work!

Your Own “Power Team”

The saying “It’s lonely at the top,”  is only true if you fail to surround yourself with trusted advisors, strong networks, mentors, coaches, role models or a valued master mind group. 

These people keep you on track, help you achieve results, provide honest feedback, help you build on your strengths and help you to see your blindspots and potential derailers - they are invaluable to your leadership career. 

Through the "Engaging Others" coaching programme, I help leaders develop both their ability to achieve results through others and to identify and engage their “power team”.