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Coaching Programmes




What is 2thrive Coaching?

A completely confidential space where you can take a step back and reflect. For busy leaders that’s a rare opportunity. But it’s not just a place to think or a talking shop.

Simply put, coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s where you will:  

  • identify and cut through the noise to focus on what it is you really need and want to achieve
  • create clear action plans to get you there
  • make the best decisions and choices
  • address interpersonal challenges
  • recognise what is holding you back and overcome those barriers
  • get out of your own way
  • develop your capability and competence
  • learn how to identify and mitigate your weaknesses
  • keep focused, motivated and committed to making things happen

Everyone is unique, so my approach is flexible to meet your needs.

How am I coached?

Your coaching programme will have different components depending on your needs. 

There will be a number of coaching sessions. These are typically an hour long, with a longer first session so we’re clear on what you want to achieve through the coaching programme.  How many sessions you want will depend on you as will the frequency.  

What’s important is that you build momentum and accountability for action.  So as part of your coaching programme you’ll commit to taking action between the sessions.  

Your coaching programme may also include:

  • 360 feedback to uncover strengths, weaknesses and blindspots
  • Questionnaires and diagnostics that help you better understand your values, behaviours and ways of working
  • Observation sessions - observing you in real life in real time
  • Email, Text, IM, Skype support

Coaching can be carried out over the phone, by Skype or face-to-face by arrangement.


Can everyone be coached?

Yes... if they want to be!

Coaching only works if you are:

  • Prepared to look at things a different way
  • Willing to change the way you do things
  • Committed to taking action


Each individual is unique; with their own strengths, aspirations and challenges. 
Your own coaching programme will be just that...  

YOUR OWN coaching programme.

 Your Coach

 Member of the International Coaching Federation

Master Practitioner: European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Master Practitioner in NLP, hypnotherapy and time line therapy

Certified Creating your Future Coach

Accredited in MBTI Step 1, Hogan Leadership diagnostics, Reuven Bar-On EQi, EQ360 and Team EQ and ESCi.