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Here you’ll find a range of resources selected to help you to build leadership capability and personal effectiveness and to balance professional achievement with personal happiness.

Building self awareness through personal profiling tools

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Success requires more than IQ and more than skills, knowledge and capability.

Success requires an ability to understand and manage our emotions and to understand the emotions of others; using this knowledge to build mutually beneficial relationships. EQi assessment helps you to benchmark your Emotional Intelligence and identify ways in which you can enhance this. Please contact me for more information on my EI coaching programme which includes:

  • Access to complete the Reuven Bar-On on-line EQi assessment tool
  • A detailed 20 page Workplace Report providing feedback on your Self Perception; Self-Expression; Interpersonal Relationships; Decision Making and Stress Management
  • A 1.5 hour coaching session to help you understand how this manifests in the workplace
  • E-mail support to help you develop your Action Plan
  • A 30 minute follow up coaching call
See my 'explainer' in The Conversation summarising Emotional Intelligence:  What is Emotional Intelligence and why do you need it?

Personality profiling

Understanding personality type helps build self-awareness, empathy, interpersonal relationships and helps us to head off conflict by understanding people’s personal preferences including our own.

MBTITM (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is the most widely used personality type tool in the world. It is built on typology proposed by Carl Gustav Jung.

You can get more information on MBTITM and the corresponding 16 personality types here:

If you would like to complete the MBTI Personality Type profile, please contact me. I am MBTI accredited and able to administer the questionnaire and provide a comprehensive debrief and coaching session MBTI can also form the basis of a team day to help your team understand differences and work together more effectively.


Personal Strengths test

Try this free Personal Strengths Based test from Tony Robbins to understand the impact of personal preferences, behavioural styles and individual strengths.

Published Papers

Coming soon! I have two papers accepted for publication in Emeralds Journal of Industrial and Commercial training on: Why talent derails and how to get it back on track and How definitions of talent can hinder talent management practice’


On-line blogs and articles

There are lots of useful websites and blogs you can dip into. 

I’ll build this section up, but as a starter…

Thriving Talent

Harvard Business Review

More on Emotional Intelligence from Daniel Goleman: 

Business models, theories and frameworks: