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Projects and clients

I’ve worked globally across the Public, Private and Third Sector. Clients have included Avon Cosmetics, AMIA, Sage, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Coca Cola Enterprises, Axispoint, AVL, Saffron Building Society, OneSavings PLC, Sanofi, Lexis Nexis, HMRC, The Armed Forces, Thurrock Council, Real Partners/Social Enterprise UK, High Growth SME's, Franchise Owners and Owner Managed Businesses 


Example Projects

  • Design and delivery of a modular leadership development programme with individual coaching and psychometrics to enhance the capability of a new leadership team.
  • Improving team work in the IT Leadership team of a global organisation, through developing emotional intelligence.
  • Developing an assessment centre to recruit top sales talent for a global soft drinks manufacturer leading to increased sales and retention.
  • Creating a talent management process through which the IT Division of a Global FTSE 100 Company could identify their top talent.
  • Design and delivery of a OneTeam programme to support the integration of a HR Function following a TUPE process.
  • As an Associate, developing Leaders spinning out services from the Public Sector to become CEO’s of Social Enterprises.
  • Developing emotional intelligence in the Top Leadership Talent of a Fortune 100 cosmetics company.
  • Developing the capability of leaders to lead strategic change in a Public Sector organisation.
  • Delivering performance management workshops to the leadership and management population of a Public Sector organisation in order to develop a high performance culture during a crucial transformation period.
  • Coaching leaders of an SME to step up into Board Leadership roles
  • Team coaching of a new leadership team to enable greater cohesion
  • Helping a management team to develop their coaching style of leadership
  • Coaching a leader to make a key, strategic decision to step sideways, retrain and ultimately move into a more senior leadership role.
  • Coaching a senior leader to exit a leadership role in order to achieve a long desired personal goal.


What my clients say

"Suzanne is a true expert in her field. She is able to utilise her in depth knowledge with a practical ability to apply that knowledge to real world situations which people just get. She understands people, what motivates them and how to get the best from them. She helped us to understand talent management and gave us the knowledge and motivation to apply this learning. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

"The processes we now follow to identify talented individuals, as well as training and development in their current roles have been recognised by our clients as the most effective they have ever seen."

"Suzanne’s coaching has been fundamental in helping me to make the move from senior management to Executive. Others' perceptions of me are hugely driven by the learning experiences she has provided to me. The techniques I now have in my toolkit help me to see through the day to day "fog of war" and focus on the broader objectives."

"Suzanne has proved to be highly motivated, knowledgeable and extremely focused on the tasks we have worked on together"

"As a coach, I found Suzanne to be a brilliant and skillful listener capable of rationalising just about any situation I was able to throw at her. I will always remember the contribution she has made to my own development."

"...with Suzanne’s involvement we have increased our success and retention rate considerably over the past 6 months."


"Brave, immensely passionate about Talent Development and widely respected amongst peers and customers."

"Suzanne brought energy, fun, knowledge and very hard work to every project that we collaborated on. She nearly always brings unusual and challenging perspectives, and will be a huge asset to any organisation lucky enough to employ her."

"Suzanne has helped me to believe in my own abilities, and to be realistic about my limitations. Knowing these and being honest with yourself about them enables me to focus on how to improve my performance."

"The help that Suzanne has provided as I have taken on more and more leadership responsibility has been invaluable. She has helped me to develop a leadership style that has helped my teams to deliver incredible performance results."

"I have an overall belief in myself to a level I have never had before. I am able to effectively manage the work life balance because I know what my priorities are at any time and therefore where I need to focus my attention. Net result? I have a fantastic quality of life."

"Suzanne has incredible enthusiasm and contributed hugely to the development of my team. All this, plus her general ability to see things from a completely different perspective, make her an invaluable member of my network."