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Background and Philosophy

2thrive uses evidence based research drawn from the fields of talent management, leadership, psychology and neuroscience to support consultancy, coaching and development solutions.  This ensures that not only latest thinking but “best thinking” is used alongside the practical and pragmatic.

Talent and performance management solutions are results focussed and process light.  A 3D approach is used in talent management consultancy encouraging an understanding of not just Talent but Success and Derailment too. 

At the heart of all 2thrive development and coaching programmes is the philosophy of:  BE - THINK - DO

Be BE:

This is about who you are at your core; your emotions, your feelings, your values, your authentic self. 

It’s about who you want to be; fulfilling your greatest potential as a leader and as a human being. It’s about understanding your core purpose.



This is about your mindset; your resilience; your positive mental attitude.

It’s about knowing how your thinking influences your behaviour and results.


This is about the quality of the decisions you make and the actions you take - acting ethically and with integrity. It’s also about the results you deliver.

Success ultimately depends on how well you understand and deliver on your core purpose.


Programme design

Your programme will be designed to fit your organisational context and address your specific needs  and challenges.

Aims, objectives and outcomes are clearly identified at the start of the design stage.

Content is delivered through a combination of, for example, learning input, 360 feedback, diagnostics, action learning, case studies, activities, videos, real world challenges and reflection.

The opportunity for Action Planning is built into every programme to ensure commitment and momentum is carried back into the workplace.

Support can be provided to position, market and communicate the programme to your participants.

Development programmes can also be designed to align to any wider talent management, talent development, culture, behaviour or competency frameworks you have in place.

Flexible Delivery

Delivery of content is flexible to suit your needs.

Whether that’s a keynote session as part of a conference or leadership away day; a master class, workshop or full, modular development programme.